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Nelson Mandela Square

Important Information to Book Cheap Hotels in Johannesburg

Johannesburg registered around 4.21 million travelers in 2019 as per the worlddata. It was ranked as the 59th most popular city for travelers worldwide. Here you can get the details of cheap hotels in Johannesburg for a delightful stay.

Komparetravel offers a comprehensive range of cheap hotels in Johannesburg. You can use the search box above to find the best and most affordable hotel services for a pleasant and memorable stay in Johannesburg.

The hotel menu has the flexibility of using the filter Star-based hotels, Hotel Service providers, price range, number of nights for stay, etc. As we are in partnership with multiple hotels in Johannesburg, you can get an option to pick the cheapest hotel in Johannesburg. In addition, you can also search for the best hotel with a high rating and money behind it.

Weather in Johannesburg

Johannesburg WEATHER

Average daily price per night on a monthly basis in Johannesburg

January - R1 905

July - R2 237

February - R4 717

August - 1 950

March - R1 576

September - R3 581

April - R2 300

October - R2 939

May - R1 896

November - R1 903

June - R1 297

December - R2 318

The average prices are based on a 3-star rating. For higher star ratings, the cost can be upscale.

Average daily price per night in Johannesburg

Sunday - R1 365

Monday - R1 458

Tuesday - R1 459

Wednesday - R1 395

Thursday - R1 222

Friday - R1 039

Saturday - R1 330

The hotel prices are lower between April and September. The price is high when you book on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Booking on Thursday, and Friday can be affordable.

Best Tips for booking Cheap Hotels in Johannesburg:

You should consider visiting Johannesburg during the low season if you’re looking for a cheap hotel. Accommodations in Johannesburg are more affordable between April and September.

Hotel rates vary according to many factors, but you’ll most likely find a great deal on a Thursday, and Friday if you stay in Johannesburg. On the other hand, Monday is usually the most expensive Day.

Get the best rate for Johannesburg accommodation by booking at least 77 days in advance.

Popular Hotels in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg - Important Facts To Know

Are you a person who is looking for Cheap hotels in Johannesburg? Then you have to understand the key highlights of Johannesburg:

It is called the “City of Gold”. It is the trade and Financial capital of South Africa. Almost 74% of corporate headquarters in South Africa are stationed in Johannesburg.

The weather is relatively warmer throughout the year, this is a plus for tourists to visit throughout the year.

Johannesburg contributes almost 16% of total South Africa’s GDP.

Johannesburg holds the world’s largest man-made forest with 10 million trees. It helps the city to look greenish and helps vacuum from the noise pollution of the urban city.

The only disadvantage of Johannesburg is the city was built without any natural water sources.

Johannesburg is the city known for NightLife. The Bar, Restaurant, and clubs attract many couples around the globe on weekend nights.

Where are the best places to visit in Johannesburg?

Nelson Mandela Square
Johannesburg City
Giraffes in Johannesburg

Picnic at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

Orlando Towers

Crumbs & Cream

Zoo Lake

Stargaze at the Planetarium


Saddle Creek Ranch farm

James Hall Museum of Transport

Papa Pata

Bioscope Independent Cinema.

Maboneng Precinct for restaurants.

Emmarentia Park

Johannesburg Zoo

Market Theatre

Sandton City Mall

Apartheid Museum

Pilanesburg Nature Reserve

Voortrekker Monument

Ellis Park Stadium

SAB World of Beer.

Restaurants in Johannesburg

At Komparetravel, we help in booking cheap hotels, cheap flights and rental cars. Here are a few restaurants that make memories to stay long in your tongues with the taste and ambiance:

Gemelli Cucina Bar, Posthouse Link Centre, Brayston

DW Eleven – 13, Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, Dunkeld

Cafe Del Sol Botanico, Brayston Shopping Centre, Brayston

Saigon Suzy, Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood

The Potato Shed, New Town, Johannesburg

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar, Melville, Johannesburg

Leafy Greens Café, Rocky Ridge Rd, Muldersdrift

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the cheap hotels in Johannesburg?

 Central Lodge Hotels, Legacy Guest Lodge, Royal Crown Guesthouse, Concord Guest Lodge, GFK Eastgate Guest House, Westmoreland Lodge are the cheapest hotels in Johannesburg. You will get exclusive offers when booked with Komparetravel.

How much does it cost per night to book cheap hotels in Johannesburg?

Booking through Komparetravel will be the best option if you look to stay in cheap hotels in Johannesburg. We have the most comprehensive range of hotels ranging from R1 800 to R1 0000 and more per night stay.

Can I book cheap hotels in Johannesburg for R1 000 for a night?

Yes, you can book hotels like Matina Guest House, floracliffe Guesthouse, Sena Guesthouse, MINT express Sandton view, Kingfisher lodge, Ron Bed, Evelyn Place, etc. These are the hotels available under R1 000 per night in Johannesburg.

Can I book cheap hotels in Johannesburg for under R 500 for a night?

Yes, you can book hotels like, Sena Guesthouse, SUN 1 Berea, Bella Casa Guesthouse, Linden Guest House, Chisam Guest Lodge, Central Lodge Hotels, Westmoreland Lodge, etc.

Check out our website for more cheap hotels in Johannesburg under R 500 per night.

What are the cheap hotels in Johannesburg with Free Cancellation?

There are multiple hotels available in Johannesburg with free cancellation while booking via Komparetravel. Legacy Guest Lodge, Royal Crown Guesthouse, Aluve Guesthouse, GFK Eastgate Guest House, The Hide on Kilburn, are among the few cheap hotels in Johannesburg with free cancellation.

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