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Important Information to Book Cheap Hotels in Durban

Durban receives almost 2 million travelers every year. It is the most popular travel spot around the globe and it was ranked as the 82nd most popular city for travelers worldwide. This article will be an added advantage if you are planning to visit Durban. Here you will get the details of cheap hotels in Durban to ensure a delightful and great experience during your stay.

Komparetravel offers a comprehensive range of cheap hotels in Durban ranging from R 300 to R10 000 per night. You can use the search box above to find the best and most affordable hotel services for a pleasant and memorable stay in Durban.

The hotel menu has the flexibility of using the multiple filters on Star-based hotels, ratings, price range, number of nights for stay, etc. As we are in partnership with multiple hotels in Durban, you can get an option to pick the cheapest hotel in Durban. In addition, you can also search for the best hotel with a high rating and money behind it.

Weather in Durban


Price Range of Cheap Hotels in Durban

January - R 2 425

July - R2 560

February - R 2 460

August - R 2 000

March - R 2 350

September - R 3 520

April - R 2 650

October - R1 950

May - R 2 640

November - R2 270

June - R4 500

December - R2 650

The average prices are based on a 3-star rating. For higher star ratings, the cost can be upscale.

Average daily price per night in Durban

Sunday - R 2 790

Monday - R 2 650

Tuesday - R 2 645

Wednesday - R 2 650

Thursday - R 2 595

Friday - R 2 850

Saturday - R 2 670

Hotel prices are lower between January, February, April, and May. The price is high when you book on Thursday. Booking on Friday to Wednesday can be affordable.

Best Tips for booking Cheap Hotels in Durban

You should consider visiting Durban during the low season if you’re looking for a cheap hotel. Accommodations in Durban are more affordable between January, February, April, May.

Hotel rates vary according to many factors, but you’ll most likely find a great deal on a Friday to Wednesday if you stay in Durban. On the other hand, Thursday is usually the most expensive Day.

Get the best rate for Durban accommodation by booking at least 77 days in advance.

Popular Hotels in Durban

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Durban - Important Facts To Know

Are you a person looking for the Cheapest Flights to Durban? Then you have to understand the key highlights of Durban:

One of the busiest cities in South Africa consists of the biggest port in the country.

This business hotspot not only attracts domestic citizens but international travelers too.

The Warm Ocean and Tropical Climate welcome most people to visit this city in December. That is why the flight price shoots up to 24% higher than average charges.

The carving tourist spot in Durban is Golden Mile.

One of the best cities which is budget-friendly.

You can enjoy the Sunrise Sight and World-Class Aquarium.

Where are the best places to visit in Durban?

Durban Stadium
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Durban Beach

Golden Mile

Durban Botanic Gardens

Umgeni River Bird Park

Mitchell and Jameson Park

Ushaka Marine World

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Umhlanga Rocks and Phe-Zulu Safari Park

Kwamuhle Museum

Florida Road

Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Suncoast Casino

Shark Dive

Restaurants in Durban

At Komparetravel, we help in booking cheap hotels, cheap flights and rental cars. Here are a few restaurants that make memories to stay long in your tongues with the taste and ambiance:

Republik, Broadway, Durban

Greedy Buddha, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga

Parc Café, Glenwood, Durban

9th Ave Bistro, Morningside, Durban

Freedom Café, Greyville, Durban

The Oyster Box Grill Room and Ocean Terrace, Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

Delicious Sisters, Salt Rock, Durban

Mali’s Indian Restaurant, Morningside, Durban

Bel Punto, Umdloti, Durban

Fish on Florida, Morningside, Durban

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the cheap hotels in Durban?

Durban Manor Hotel and Conference Centre, The Crescent Guest House, Langton Lodge, The Union Hotel, Smiths Cottage, Thusi Guest House, Figtree Cabin are the cheapest hotels in Durban. You will get exclusive offers when booked with Komparetravel.

How much does it cost per night to book cheap hotels in Durban?

Booking through Komparetravel will be the best option if you look to stay in cheap hotels in Durban. We have the most comprehensive range of hotels ranging from R 321 to R1 0000 and more per night stay.

Can I book cheap hotels in Durban for R1 000 for a night?

Yes, you can book hotels like Prime Hotel, Pavilion Hotel Durban, Coastlands Durban Self Catering Hotel, Bayside Lodge Pinetown, Metro Lodge Beach, Tariman Boutique Hotel, Solrand Hotel, etc. These are the hotels available under R1 000 per night in Durban.

Can I book cheap hotels in Durban for under R 500 for a night?

Yes, you can book hotels like, Durban Manor Hotel and Conference Centre, The Crescent Guest House, Langton Lodge, The Union Hotel, Smiths Cottage, Thusi Guest House, Figtree Cabin, etc.

Check out our website for more cheap hotels in Durban under R 500 per night.

What are the cheap hotels in Durban with Free Cancellation?

There are multiple hotels available in Durban with free cancellation while booking via Komparetravel. Langton Lodge, The Union Hotel, Thusi Guest House, Figtree Cabin, Angela’s Place, Bayside Lodge Pinetown, Figtree Magic Cottage, are among the few cheap hotels in Durban with free cancellation.

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